Enigma ASD Services is a flexible support network that provides services needed in the autism community.  Our primary goal is to help adults on the autism spectrum develop independent life skills.  We tailor specialized plans to meet the varying needs of each student. Enigma supports young adults while they navigate academic, social and employment opportunities. The end result?  Our clients develop financial and social independence. 



  • Enigma ASD Services' primary goal is to provide the support necessary to help our clients develop financial and social independence.
  • Enigma provides housing, academic, social, and employment support. Our clients are guided through transition and into independence. 
  • Enigma seeks to partner with local universities, community colleges, technical colleges, community businesses, and employment agencies to help ASD adults develop the skills necessary for independence. 


  • We support and ASD adults (18 years old and above) who are looking to transition into independence. 
  • We support clients who want to improve their daily living skills.
  • We support clients who need extra academic assistance and guidance through secondary and post secondary educational settings..
  • We help establish routines for clients are moving into new living situations.


  • Enigma offers flexibility and sensitivity to understand the needs of each client.
  • Our clients are not limited to one path.  We support anyone with a goal to develop independence.
  • We help our clients find the options that will provide them with the best chance for success.
  • Our flexibility combined with an experience-based structure allows Enigma to individualize a plan to fit our clients' adapting needs.