Enigma Objectives

  • Support - Our program creates individualized support for each of our clients. We cater our services to whatever services you may need.

  • Employment  - We work with the local community to help our clients establish jobs during and after their completion of our programs. 

  • Local Connections - Our program is making connections with local school districts, universities, community colleges, technical colleges, and vocational training programs to provide the best chance for prolonged success.

  • Community - All Enigma clients will establish relationships in the local community through social activities, fundraising events, and employment opportunities.  

Enigma Principals

  • Guidance  -  Enigma  provides guidance to our clients so they can reach their potential.

  • Growth - Our clients will experience personal growth with the completion of self-determined educational and social goals.

  • Commitment- Enigma provides a consistent form of support for our clients as long as they need it.

  • Independence - Enigma clients will exit our program able to successfully problem-solve and advocate for themselves.