Life Skills

We provide individual assistance in the following life skills areas

Organization/Planning Skills

  • Executive functioning
  • Creating a schedule
  • Social planning
  • Managing personal information 
  • Planning for academic success
  • Developing travel schedules

Finance Skills

  • Paying Bills
  • Managing bank accounts
  • Pursuing work
  • Nutrition Skills

Nutrition Skills

  • Choosing healthy foods
  • Creating weekly menus
  • Creating shopping lists
  • Buying supplies
  • Building culinary skills
  • Creating a personal recipe book

Academic Support

We provide educational support for any of our clients in any setting.

  • Coordination with establish ASD support programs
  • Support in navigation with disability services
  • Organization of class work 
  • Help with executive functioning deficits
  • Finding and organizing tutoring if needed
  • Communication assistance
  • General academic oversight

Employment Support

We help our clients find employment and experience in a variety of different ways.

  • Individual help with navigating employment programs
  • Helping research individual goals and interests
  • Help with researching volunteer opportunities
  • Trying to organize secured work opportunities