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Description - Group members will be introduced to entry level video game development. In addition to exploring what makes a game engaging, members will be exposed to basic programming, game design, and animation concepts to create their own video game. While in the group we will also work on socialization skills as well.

Length - The group will from May 11th - June 29th. It will run from 12:00pm to 4:00pm every saturday. Each group will have 4 to 8 group members.  

Cost - $580 for the whole program. Accepting DDA respite or Community Engagement.

Location - DigiPen Campus in Redmond

We can provide transportation for clients

If interested please fill out the form. Even if the group is full we are willing to start a new group if there is enough interest in a particular date, time, and location.

After you show interest we will contact you to meet in person and make sure that this group is the best fit for you.

Currently this group has 3 spots remaining

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