Ryan Wecker, M.S. Special Education - Co Founder, Director

Wecker has committed his life to the academic and social success of young adults. Wecker started his career working as a social studies teacher and found a calling serving special needs communities.  While receiving his masters in special education he worked in a collegiate autism support program.  In this position he discovered his passion for working with adults on the autism spectrum. For over 10 years Wecker has worked with many different ASD support programs as an administrator, teacher, and academic/social coach.   Over the years, Wecker has helped students receive their degrees while being an integral asset in the overall direction of the program’s development.  Wecker noticed that while the academic support programs were successful, there was a greater need for social and independent living skills. In addition,  a more flexible model was needed in order to match the needs of every student on the autism spectrum.  As a response to this growing national need, Wecker and Huber developed and pioneered Enigma ASD Services.  Wecker is currently working full time developing the program and helping adults on the autism spectrum reach their educational, occupational, and independent living goals.

James Cannon Huber, Esq - Co Founder, Legal Council

Huber is a corporate attorney who lives in Southern California and practices as a litigator throughout the nation. Huber's practice advises companies on all aspects of business with a focus on reducing liabilities.  With a proven experience in the courtroom resolving business disputes, Huber has earned a reputation as a fierce litigator.  Huber combines his skills as an attorney with his passion for helping the community, particularly in education.  Through his friendship and professional relationship with Wecker, Enigma was born. Huber and Wecker want to help the ASD community by building specifically designed programs for individuals who don't have access to further education and life skills.  Wecker and Huber saw the gap left in the current education system and are proud to offer Enigma as a much-needed solution.