Individual Housing

We work with clients and families to help find suitable housing.  Together we will look for an arrange for the right setting for independence.  If there are multiple parties interested in sharing housing we can work with families to arrange this.

Shared Housing

We are currently working to develop shared housing model. 

It is our belief that each EAS house members will make excessive gains in independence and social skills development by living in a shared environment.

Our clients will be placed in a house with other ASD students of the same gender.  House members will each sign a year lease and pay rent.  Clients will pay the bills, complete housing maintenance, and treat the house as their own. Our clients support each other while they create long lasting positive relationships.

EAS homes have 3 or more private bedrooms.  Clients must establish schedules and share house resources.  Life skills, nutrition, and cooking skills will be taught in kitchen.  The living room is used for house meetings and life skills activities.  All chores and house maintenance will be divided equally and be completed by the house members.

While there are no 24 hour staff on site, an employee will be available to our clients on a 24 hour basis.  The house manager will be the primary staff and will be at the residential location or with clients in the field from Monday – Friday for a predetermined amount of time. 

If you are interested in this service or would like to help with its development please contact us.